mid week short breaks
Where should you go on your Mid-Week Short Break?

Where should you go on your Mid-Week Short Break?

Britain and Ireland are very well developed for tourists. Not only are we fortunate to have splendid natural countryside with fabulous scenery but a host of historical, cultural and entertaining visitor attractions.

What type of mid-week short break are you looking for?

One of the things that visitors to Britain remark on is the English garden. We British exhibit a passion for our gardens - nowhere else on Earth would you see so many beautifully tended gardens attached to people's homes and nicely maintained public parks. This leads on the open gardens that people can visit to raise money for charity, large country houses with gardens and castles surrounded by parkland. 

In addition to shopping malls, we have antique fairs, car boot fairs for second-hand bargains, auctions  and markets - all of which are very well attended and demonstrates another British passion for anything with historical connections.  We adore history, hence the various historical re-enactments that take place around the country, all supported by volunteers, steam engine rallies and numerous television programmes involving antiques.

A new reason many Europeans are flocking to Britain is to take advantage of the low pound and shopping trips for bargains at our lavishly stocked shopping centres. Every major city has at least one shopping mall containing  a vast array of shops, coffee shops and restaurants. The British and Americans have made shopping into an art form. Nowadays, it's what we do on Sundays.